Restoration work on the Tower is underway.  Owen Sutton of  Restoration and Remodeling of San Diego was awarded the project to waterproof and repair water damage that has occurred over the years.    

Previous repairs needed re-doing and ongoing restoration was needed to make the tower watertight.  Just as the project was nearly finished the State of California put a hold on the funding for this project. Funding was finally released and the project has been completed.


The Villa Montezuma is on the National Register of Historic Places and renown throughout the world as a premier example of Queen Anne Victorian Architecture.  Many years ago 2/3 of the foundation was replaced and now the remaining 1/3 of the foundation needs to be replaced.  As with all historic buildings they need ongoing restoration and care.

Restoration Projects


the tower

Restoring the

fence and gate

Reconstructing the

plaster frieze

Repairing the

entry staircase

Replacing a portion

of the foundation

Restoring the stained

and art glass

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Did you know that the Villa Montezuma survived an extensive fire in 1986 affecting the upstairs quarters and half of the roof?  The fire restoration was completed in time for the 100th anniversary celebration of the Villa Montezuma. 

When the Villa Montezuma was originally purchased in 1970 she needed a major restoration to be open to the public.  By November of 1972 the Villa Montezuma was opened to the public. 

Restoration for this grand Victorian is an ongoing process. By taking care of the major building systems and with ongoing sensitive management the Villa Montezuma is a monument that will be enjoyed for many years to come.